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INTRODUCTION TO GREEK ART (except literature and music)
Here is an outline of greek art through the ages.
ANCIENT Greece: Drama-Music-Dance were an interwoven whole. Works of sculpture and architecture survive today, but painting is mostly lost.
BYZANTINE painting and architecture is religious (iconography and churches) and the painting style 'a la greca', the style of icons, is quite different from the 'a la latina' of the west. Only el Greco swapped to the western style (he left Crete and worked in the West).
During the ottoman occupation there are no scholarly artistic developments. But the anonymous artists took over, creating an exquisite folk art which is still a strong vein of inspiration. MODERN art starts flourishing during the formation of the new greek state (1832). Greek painting was initially influenced by the german school of Munich, and later found its way towards a more greek style. Theatre is flourishing and the performance of ancient drama is a major task for theatre artists.

general links
General links for arts and museums
Culture by Ambassade de Grèce (Embassy of Greece in France) in french: architecture, painting, cinema, music, theatre through the ages. The most important artists. See artists by medium or alphabetically.
The Muses @wikipedia
by topic a...z

AΘHNA pensive
at the Acropolis Museum

Arhcitecture general links
For urban, city planners see GREEK SCIENCE
Architecture grecque in french with photos Excellent. From antiquity till today. Mainly new times.
ancient greek architecture
The architecture of 'metre', human measure, interested in the EXTERIOR: all sensations and activities are taking place outdoors, outwards.
Temples survive (with their characteristic columns), but also some houses and palaces of various periods and places. And theatres and stadiums.
Archaeology links
wikipedia: Architecture of ancient greece
Greek Architecture by CrysTal Athens Acropolis The three orders: ionic doric and corinthian.
Venice Charter for restorations @wikipedia
ancient greek architects
Phidias architect and sculptor

byzantine middle times architecture
Mainly churches. See BYZANTINE PERIOD for exhibitions and links. The byzantine architects were interested in the INTERIOR, not the exterior. The different approach of the orthodox dogma to the catholic is prominent: the tholos encapsulates the cosmos in a round, vase-like sensation. No gothic heightening towards the heavens. Heaven is here.
Byzantine architecture @wikipedia
Istanbul, Turkey links (for Constantinople byzantine sites)
HAGIA SOFIA • HOLY WISDOM church by Anthemios and Isidoros (architects), during reign of Iustinianus I.
HAGIA SOPHIA, Istanbul, Turkey links
Athens and Greece: byzantine sites
Churches and Monasteries by the Patriarchate

osios Loukas church, 11th century
at Boaetia prefecture, Greece
near Delphi
new times greek architecture
The formation of the greek state started with the arrival of bavarian and danish kings and their entourage. Among them, there were prominent architects who used neoclassical style.
1833_1897 architecture @FHW
Greek architects started to imitate, and later create their own style.
1897-1922 architecture @FHW
In the meantime, a lovely folk architecture flourished, by groups of naïf builders who travelled around villages and towns. Its style is different in islands and mainland.
Modern architects were attracted by folk architecture, byzantine heritage, and tried to create their own greek path in shaping space.
Discovering contemporary architecture ATHENS prepared by Sotiris Papadopoulos and the team OMADA 80. Maps, routes, styles, architects and selected works. Architectural tours in Athens architects and their work, photos.
greek contemporary architects
My favourites (except Phidias who is ancient): Demetris Pikionis, Ares Constantinides, Pericles Sakellarios.
Demetris PIKIONIS (1887-1968) gre: Δημήτρης Πικιώνης [δi`mitris pi`cionis]
about Dimitris Pikionis
Ares CONSTANTINIDES (1913-1993): gre: .Aρης Kωνσταντινίδης [`aris konstandi`niδis]
(transliterations: Aris Konstantinidis, Constandinidis)
THE absolute vacation house in greece. You shall be surprised to view it: The Anavyssos Vacation House by architect Aris Konstantinidis
Also: in the same website:
Weekend house at Elefsina, House of Xydis in Athens, Workers House Complex near Athens, Apartment building near Athens.
Pericles SAKELLARIOS (1905-1985) gre: Περικλής Σακελλάριoς [peri`klis sace`larios] pages: Chapel near Athens, Astir Beach Resort near Athens, Country House of D. Levidis near Athens.

Unviersity of Athens by the dane
Hans Christian Hansen (1803-1873)

church at Amorgos

staircase at Therasia

Coins in art general links
Athens Numismatic Museum (was the house of Heinrich Schliemann)
ancient greek coins
All ancient city-states (and they were many) had their own coins with their city's symbols. They are lovely. Copies can be bought at the gift shop of the National Archaeological MUSEUM.
Greek coinage @wikipedia
byzantine middle times coins
Even today, the expression «flori constantinato» (=coin similar to the fiorin, by Constantine) survives: it means any gold, precious item, coin of byzantine times. Women wear such coins as jewellery.
Byzantine coinage @wikipedia
new times coins
The ancient word ΔPAXMH (=drachma) was revived as the currency of the new greek state, after the ottoman occupation.
Greek drachma (before the euro) @wikipedia
In 2002, the euro arrived in greece. Note especially the 1 euro coin, and the 2 euro coin (with Europe herself depicted on it!).
Euro coins of greece @wikipedia

Athens, 4 drachma coin
post 449 a.e.v.
wikipedia image  

Constantinos VII and Romanos I
920-44 byzantine coin

1 euro, greek

Dance general links
ancient greek dance
In ancient times dancing was closely related to every musical activity. Muse for dancing was Terpsichore.
Images of dancing are depicted on many vases.
new times folk dance
Music and dance interrelated. (see FOLK POETRY and FOLK MUSIC)
Lyceum of greek women: fold dance company [[addendum]]
Greek folk dances (a list) @wikipedia
Dora Stratou @wikipedia Her folk dance company still operates.
State School of Dance, in Athens GREECE
There is no ballet tradition in Greece (there are very few ballet-dancers). The State School focuses on contemporary dance.
The building: home of Koula Pratsika at
contemporary choreographers
She was not greek, but she appears to me as a grecian modern Terpsichore:
Isadora Duncan @wikipedia
During the turn of the century, many choreographers presented interesting work:
Koula PRATSIKA gre:Koύλα Πράτσικα [`kula `pratsika] was the 'mother' of modern dance in greece and 'aunt Koula' to everyone. She was the teacher of a whole generation of greek teachers of Eurhythmics.
Koula Pratsika by the State School of Dance, GREECE
Photos: with Maria Horss (the choreographer of Olympic rituals) at
Her home is today, the National School of Dance at
Zouzou NIKOLOUDI 1917-2004 or Zuzu Nicoludi gre:Zoυζoύ Nικoλoύδη [zu`zu niko`luδi] became a well-known choreographer quite late in her life (after having her children). She was destined to choreograph unsurpassed Drama-Chorus parts.
Haris MANTAFOUNIS or Harris Mantafounis or Mandafounis gre:Xάρης Mανταφoύνης [`xaris manda`funis]
Demetris PAPAIOANNOY gre:Δημήτρης Παραϊωάννoυ [δi`mitris papaio`anu] the choreographer of the ceremonies at Olympics 2004.
Dimitris Papaioannou @wikipedia

attic red figure vase ca. 460 a.e.v.
n.909, at Villa Giulia, Rome

photographer: Nelly's 1899-1998

Zouzou Nikoloudi 1917-2004

Fashion general links
greek dress @wikipedia
Hellenic costumes of all centuries by FHW The site is in greek, but you will see the images.
ancient greek fashion
clothing in ancient Greece @wikipedia
byzantine middle times fashion
byzantine dress @wikipedia
personal page by Black Tauna about byzantine clothes she likes (check bibliography)
new times greek fashion
Folklore costumes.
greek dress #modern @wikipedia



Jewellery general links
All art sections of history-sites include some jewelry. The byzantine jewels are very nice.
new times jewellers
Bulgari firm was establish in Italy, not Greece, in 1881 by the greek Sotirios Voulgaris.
Ilias LALAOUNIS (1920-) gre:Hλίας Λαλαoύνης [i`lias lala`unis]
'MAROULINA' [maru`lina] was Sophia Thanopoulou (1908-1997), an absolute genius who worked with beads, seashells and ropes. She had a shop during the 60sat Myconos island and now you can find her art only in auctions.
Photos of her work
Book from the exhibition at /A>Benaki Museum (benaki publications, in greek)
ZOLOTAS, Efthimios [zo`lotas] The shop still exists

GREEK LITERATURE... (poetry and prose, drama)


minoan jewel, gold
c.1800-1700 a.e.v.
Heraklion Museum, Crete

earrings from Sifnos island
Athens Benaki Museum
inv. no. 7670

Images and portals at art general links
ancient greek painting
Mostly lost. Main items are murals and vase painting.
Thera and Knossos murals.
Vergina tombs murals.
Hellenistic, roman Fayoum portraits (Aegypt).
Famous ancient greek painters
Artcyclopedia: List of greek artists till Middle Times (mainly ancient)
byzantine middle times painting
This is iconography (religious icons). See BYZANTINE PERIOD for exhibitions and links.
Byzantine Painting by ILSP GREECE in greek
A Guide to Byzantine Icons on the Internet (Welcome Page)
Le Monde des Icones Articles in french - in greek
new times greek painting
Arts plastiques in french with photos very well chosen.
1897-1922 painting by FHW
INTERWAR gallery of representative works by FHW
ART TOPOS: alphabetical list of artists
National Art Gallery of Athens See COLLECTIONS for timeline of styles - images.
'Zygos' art magainze (1955-2006), by the gallery 'Galerie Zygos'. (Copies exist in libraries) Practically all greek artists presented.
googleSearch: περιοδικό τέχνης Ζυγός
Athens Fine Arts School
greek painters of new times
Ancient greek painter of pottery: [[addendum]]
Domenico THEOTOCOPOULOS (1541-1614) gre:Δoμήνικoς Θεoτoκόπoυλoς [δo`minikos θeoto`kopulos]
el Greco (the greek)
Theophilos HADJIMICHAEL (1873-1934) gre:Θεόφιλoς Xατζημιχαήλ [θe'ofilos xadzimixa'il] Folk naïf painter
Nikephoros LYTRAS (1832-1904) gre:Nικηφόρoς Λύτρας [nici`foros `litras]
Nikolaos GYZIS (1842-1901) gre:Nικόλαoς Γύζης [ni`kolaos `jizis] modern painters
Yiorgos BOUZIANIS (1885-1959) gre:Γιώργoς Mπoυζιάνης [`jiorγos bu`zjianis]
Parhtenis Maleas and Bouzianis by FHW
about Parthenis and Maleas by FHW
Theodoros VRYZAKIS (1814-1878) gre: Θεόδωρoς Bρυζάκης [θe`oδoros vri`zakis ]
VRYZAKIS: 100 years form his death: Article by P. Katerina Spetsieri-Beschi in greek
Yiannis TSAROUHIS (1910-1989) gre:Γιάννης Tσαρoύχης [`jianis tsa`ruçis]
Tsarouhis @wikipedia
Yannis Tsarouchis at EPDLP, SPAIN
Nikos EGGONOPOULOS (1907-1985) poet and painter
Nikos Engonopoulos in english and greek
Eggonopoulos @wikipedia
Yiannis MORALIS (1916-2009) gre:Γιάννης Mόραλης [ `jianis `moralis]
Yiannis Moralis wikipedia
Moralis works by
Panayiotis TETSIS (1925-2016) gre:Παναγιώτης Tέτσης [pana`jiotis `tetsis]
He gave his marvellous 'market place', as a gift to the national gallery of Athens.
Tetsis @wikipedia
Manolis POLYMERIS gre:Mανόλης Πoλυμέρης [ma`nolis poli`meris]
Πολυμέρης by
sketch artists - cartoonists
ARKAS [ar`kas] Humourist. One needs to understand greek.
The Sketches by Arkas at
Other interesting humourists: Dimitris Mitropoulos, Bost, Kyr.

detail from Anastasis (resurrection) mosaic (~1315-21)
Chora church (or Kariye), Istanbul

The Sortie (exodus) of Messolongi
by Theodoros Vryzakis 1814-1878
Athens National Gallery

Yiannis Tsarouhis (1910-1989)
Four Seasons

Little Men
construction: painted wood by
Yiannis Gaitis (1923-1984)

Performance art general links
ANCIENT GREEK THEATRE (DRAMA) (and contemporary performance of ancient drama)
greek stage actors @wikipedia
Culture grecque in french: about THEATRE
Culture grecque in french: about CINEMA
Well known greek actors and directors by Markos
Greek Film Centre
directors of theatre
In the post-war era there were two distinct 'schools': this of Koun and that of the National Theatre and its director, Rontiris. Their 'duel' produced memorable performances.
Karolos KOUN (1908-1987) gre:Kάρoλoς Koυν [`karolos kun] (the names are not greek, but he was greek)
Carolos Coun @wikipedia
See video of his work (as with actress Aspasia PAPATHANASSIOY at ANCIENT GREEK THEATRE (DRAMA)
Dimitris Rondiris @wikipedia
NOTE: No film can come close to the live appearance and the theatrical presence of these actors. Especially for the following three grandes dames:
Katina PAKSINOU (1900-1973) gre:Kατίνα Παξινoύ [ka`tina paksi`nu] She can still be viewed in some films she made, but they convey nothing of what she was on stage.
Paxinou @wikipedia
INTERWAR cultural life and Paksinou by FHW
film work: Katina Paxinou at IMDb
Marika KOTOPOULI gre:Mαρίκα Koτoπoύλη [ma`rika koto`puli] She is not on film. Her technique was legendary.
Elly LAMBETI gre:Έλλη Λαμπέτη [`eli la`beti] or [lam`beti]
Ellie Lambeti @wikipedia
film work: Ellie Labeti at IMDb
more actors
Aemilios VEAKIS Αιμίλιος Βεάκης
Aemilios Veakis at IMDb
Alexis MINOTIS Αλέξης Μινωτής
Alex Minotis at IMDb
Manos KATRAKIS Μάνος Κατράκης
Manos Katrakis at IMDb
MELINA is Melina Mercouri - Μελίνα Μερκούρη
she also became minister of culture, who fought for the return of the Parthenon marbles back to Greece.
Melina Mercouri Foundation
Melina Mercouri at IMDb
Irini PAPPA Ειρήνη Παππά
film work: Irene Papas
film directors
See films on Greece
Thodoros AGGELOPOULOS Θόδωρος Αγγελόπουλος
Theo Angelopoulos at IMDb
Costas Gavras at IMDb
Gavras at arcadia personalities in greek
Yiannis KASSAVETIS (1929-1989) Γιάννης Κασσαβέτης
John Cassavetes at at IMDb
Michael Cacoyannis at IMDb
Mikhalis Cacogiannis @wikipedia
Pantelis VULGARIS Παντελής Βούλγαρης
Pantelis Voulgaris at IMDb
and of course, Jules Dassin the french american and a greek par excellence
Katina Paksinou

Karolos Koun
theatre director

Elli Labeti


Photography art general links
greek photographers A presentation by
Photography museum at Thessalonice, GREECE
Elly SERAÏDARI (1899-1998) Έλλη Σεραϊδάρη
Voula PAPAIOANNOY Βούλα Παπαϊωάννου
Takis TLOUPAS (1920-2003) Τάκης Τλούπας

photograph by
Takis Tloupas (1920-2003)

Pottery general links
ancient greek vases
Pottery in Archaeology links
traditional pottery of modern times
In the decades before 1960 is was really authentic. Now, it suffers from tourist-themes, and the loss of the innocent naïveté.
Sifnos is the 'island of potters'. When I was 6 years old, I spent my summer in Sifnos, and I remember the amazing potter 'gero-Tourou' (= old Mr Tourou) who was 100 years old, working on his wheel.
contemporary ceramicists
Eleni VERNADAKI Ελένη Βερναδάκη
Her shop (called ADC) was at Valaoritou str. in the centre of Athens
Christina MORALI Χριστίνα Μόραλη

neolithic (~5300aev)
found at site: Dimini near Volos
Athens National Museum
Inv.No. 5922

traditional 'stamna'

Sculpture general links
ancient greek sculpture
National Archaeological Museum, Athens, GREECE
Acropolis Museum, Athens, GREECE
styles and statues
Cycladic statuettes
Kouri and korae (singular: kouros = boy and kore=maiden) (Archaic period)
kouros and kore
Charioteer of Delphi @wikipedia gre: HINIOXOΣ [i'nioxos]
Phidias @wikipedia
My favourite relief: at the temple of Athena Nike on the Acropolis: Nike Adjusting Her Sandal
Polyklitos @wikipedia
the wonderful ΔIAΔOYMENOΣ (Diadoumenos) by the sculptor Polyclitus.
ΔIAΔOYMENOΣ (Diadoumenos) and Poseidon at the Athens Archaeological Museum
Myron @wikipedia
Praksitelis or Praxiteles @wikipedia
Venus de Milo @wikipedia (Aphrodite from Melos island).
Lysippos @wikipedia
STATUE: BRONZE: Poseidon (or Zeus) of Artemission. ΠOΣEIΔΩN (Poseidon), god of the sea.
Poseidon at the Athens Archaeological Museum and ΔIAΔOYMENOΣ (Diadoumenos)
Nike of Samothrace @wikipedia Samothrace is the greek island where the statue was found.
byzantine middle times sculputre
There is no sculpture in byzantium, because orthodox christians thought it was very pagan.
new times greek sculpture
The National Gallery of Greece, has a special ground as a Glyptotheque (statue museum)
1923_1940 Sculptors at FHW
Yiannoulis HALEPAS (1851-1938) gre:Γιαννoύλλης Xαλεπάς [jia`nulis xale`pas]
photos of lots of his works at
Χαλεπάς at greek wikipedia anglophones may see some images here.
His masterpiece, at the 1st Cemetery of Athens, is the 'sleeping maiden'
Tomb of Sofia Afentaki at greek wikipedia
Michalis TOMBROS Μιχάλης Τόμπρος [mi`xalis `tombros]
cover of a book
Thanasis Apartis 1899-1972 Θανάσης Απάρτης [θa`nasis a`partis]


links #aechaeology
wikipedia: Art in ancient greece
LINKS: ART HISTORY RESOURCES Part 4 Ancient Greece - history, mythology, art, culture, architecture, lots of links.
Most of the links at my ANCIENT GREEK HISTORY have extensive art sections (especially all FHW sites). Also, check section: PLACES ANCIENT where greek civilization flourished.
Artcyclopedia: List of greek artists till Middle Times (mainly ancient). Modern artists: not updated
MUSEUMS with ancient greek art
Acropolis museum and National Archaeological museum in Athens.
British Museum London GB
Louvre Museum Paris FRANCE
...and all the archaeological sections of museums around the world.

BYZANTINE ART LINKS (all topics) Early christian and byzantine art
Most of the links at my BYZANTINE HISTORY have extensive art sections (especially the FHW sites). Also, check places of byzantine interest.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Special Exhibitions Byzantium Faith and Power (1261–1557)
Byzantine Art by FHW GREECE: Early - Middle - Late

Nike, and her sandal

of the island Samothrace
Louvre, Paris

holding Dionysus
by Praxiteles
Olympia Musuem

Aphrodite from the island of Melos
'Venus de Milo'
Louvre, Paris

NEW TIMES GREEK ART (all topics)
Art in modern greece @wikipedia
INTERWAR folklore studies by FHW
SHADOW THEATRE: Karagiozis (the greeks borrowed him from the ottoman times, and transformed him. For both greeks and turks he is the hero of the poor and suppressed)
Spatharis (shadow-theatre artist) and his museum

Fisherman from Kea island
by Alekos Fasianos
For architects, painters, sculptors, actors, directors, etc. check the TOPIC SECTIONS.
links checked NOV 2007.