human gods and godly humans
ancient greek sculpture
Poseidon and Diadoumenos

They both live at the National Archaeological museum of Athens. The older and the younger. The god and the man. The bronze and the marble. My favourites.
ΠOΣEIΔΩN (Poseidon), god of the sea
ready to throw this trident (gre: TPIAINA - triaena).
Perhaps he was made by the famous artist Calamis (ca. 460 a.e.v.).
He was found the sea of course, at Artemissio cape of north Euboea island.
Some say, he could possibly be a Zeus ready to throw his lightning. But I ask you: whattttt was he doing in the sea? :)
The wonderful ΔIAΔOYMENOΣ (Diadoumenos)
by the sculptor Polyclitus.
Young man trying to fix his hair ribbon, or his diadema.
When I was little, my grandmother used to tell me that at night he comes alive and joins the singing and dancing parties of young athenians.
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