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el Greco (Domenico Theotokopoulos)
 73 a.v.
greek painter Δoμήνικoς Θεoτoκόπoυλoς

original: gre: Δoμήνικoς Θεoτoκόπoυλoς
gre: capital letters: ΔOMHNIKOΣ ΘEOTOKOΠOYΛOΣ
transliterations: Dominikos, Domenikos, Domenicos. Theotokopoulos, Theotocopoulos.
spa: Domenico Theotocopoulos
nickname: el greco [el `greko] ( = the greek)
name pronunc.
gre: [δo`minikos θeoto`kopulos]
greek, lived in Spain, city of Toledo.
(1541‑1614) 33 annos vixit.
birth: 1541, Candia (Heraclion), Crete, Greece
death: 1614, Toledo, Spain.
see self‑portrait at WORKS
related words
Toledo, Spain - spa: Toledo, España [toˈleδo eˈspaɲa]
Toledo @wikipedia
Crete - gre: KPHTH [ˈkriti]
location of Iraklio or Handax (italian name: Candia)
selected works
The burial of count Orgaz
The burial of count Orgaz [orˈgaθ]
1586‑88 (painter aet.45‑47)
chapel of Santo Tomé, Toledo, Spain.

this is greco
The burial of count Orgaz [orˈgaθ]
detail, centre left: Self portrait.
1586‑88 (painter aet.45‑47)
chapel of Santo Tomé, Toledo, Spain.
100x100.jpg 6kb

this is not greco
Portrait of a man
Metropolitan Musuem of New York, USA.
80x80.jpg 4kb
in two words
Domenico Theotokopoulos or el greco. Born in Crete, he went to Italy, then Spain and became a part of Spanish painting tradition, settling in Toledo. He was very well educated. He faced the Spanish Inquisition.
concise info
see LINKS.
FILM: El Greco, starring Mel Ferrer, 1966. lang:eng.
FILM: El Greco, director: Yiannis Smaragdis, 2007. lang:spa.gre.eng.
in Greece
see greco in Greece.

image of the artist - selft portrait
this is not Greco: most online sources give this work as a self portrait:
Portrait of a man 1590‑1600
at the Metropolitan Musuem of New York, USA
source: Met Museum
note by Met Museum: Painted about 1590‑1600, this portrait of an unknown man has been mistakenly identified both as a self-portrait by El Greco and as a portrait of his father.
my comment: There is even a greek stamp with it!
The artist himself, detail of his painting The Burial of Count Orgaz
painted in 1586‑88 when he was 45‑47 years old.
The painting is at the chapel of Santo Tomé, Toledo, Spain.
source: Web Gallery of Art see the detail <>
and the painting <>

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three works of Greco at theNational Gallery of Athens, Greece (search for Θεοτοκόπουλος)
A special tribute-exhibition in Athens in OCT 1999 - JAN 2000, with works from all over the world, was visited by more than 300.000 people.
[photo] Athens National Gallery, January 2000:
queues for the Greco exhibition.

photo source: 'Days of 2000' at portal lang:gre, retr:2007.10.09. [obsolete]

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