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Greece lies at the meeting point of Asia, Africa and Europe.
Inhabitants: c.11 million, probably more. 4 or 5 million are living in the capital area, Athens.
Greeks of the diaspora are estimated to some millions.
Coming to Greece?
Best month to come is June or September: July and August can be too hot for you (occasional heat waves), and islands are packed (all 4 million Athenians spend their summer vacation there in August).
Most greeks understand a bit of english, all you need in greek is: efkharee`sto (= thanks, I thank) [efxariˈsto](1) and paraka`lo (='your welcome' -answering to 'thank you'- or ='please? excuse me?' -when you want to ask a question- ), if you wish to make the natives happy. (see LANGUAGE SECTION).
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