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neolithic figurine, pebble
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neolithic seated figure
c. 6500-4500 a.e.v.
Volos Museum

cycladic harpist
harpist_cycladic_AthensNM_02_185x242.jpg 14kb
IMAGE SOURCE: retr. 1999
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Cycladic harpist. Early cycladic period (2800-2300 a.e.v.) found at Keros little island. Athens National Museum No.3908. ht. 22,5cm
Cyclades. Keros island (very small island) near Naxos. The only thing I know about Keros, is the harpist and aulos-palyer found there.
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cycladic harpist
2800-2300 a.e.v.
Athens National Museum

'Agamemnon' mask, mycenaean
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'Agamemnon' mask
Myceanae (MAP)
16th century a.e.v.
Athens National Museum

kouros and kore: the boy and the girl
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kore and kouros
archaic greek sculpture

auletes Vase, British museum
auletes_BM_02detail_369x315.jpg 7kb
IMAGE-DETAIL SOURCE: retr. NOV 2007. (2017:obsolete)
IMAGE INFO: retr. NOV 2007 (2017 obsolete)
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Aulos player with phorbeia and dancer with krotala, detail from a kylix found at Vulci, Italy, signed by Epictetus, c. 520–510 BC; in the British Museum, London.
phorbeia (gre.n.neu.plural: ΦOPBEIA) is the band over his mouth.
krotala: gre.n.neu.pluarl: KPOTAΛA. The castagnettes (catanets) in the dancer's hands.
Found at Vulci, Italy: etruscan city, not inhabited today, c.50 miles north of Roma
MAP: Image:Etruscan_civilization_map.png



Nike and her sandal
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Nike and her sandal
5th century a.e.v.
Athens Acropolis Museum

Pericles bust at the British Museum
pericles_BM_1_150x274.jpg, 11 kb
IMAGE SOURCE: Parada, Carlos. Greek mythology. retr.2001 (2017:moved)
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Marble portrait herm of Pericles, 2nd century AD. British Museum, London. Pericles, c. 495-429 BC
TEXT AT BRITISH MUSEUM retr:2007.09.04. [2017:moved].
Marble portrait bust of Perikles. Height:58,5cm Townley collection. GR1805.7-3.91 (sculpture 549)
The Athenian politician (died 429 BC).
Roman, 2nd century AD. Said to be from Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli, Lazio, Italy.

This is a Roman copy of an original portrait which was perhaps created in Perikles' own day, or shortly after his death. However, it probably bears little physical resemblance to Perikles' actual appearance, showing an ideal type of the mature soldier citizen, wearing a helmet pushed back on his head. The portratit is shaped as a 'terminal bust' for mounting on a square shaft of sthone. It is said to come from the Roman emperor Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli, near Rome. [...]
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Pericles' bust
copy of roman times
British Museum