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Stille Nacht (Silent Night) 
christmas song composed in 1818 by
Franz Xaver Gruber

This folder is an example of TEACHING FOLDER: BEGINNERS for the students of the PIANO PAEDAGOGY CLASSES. Your assignement is to design a similar folder for a well-known song for children (nursery rhyme), greek or other.
The subjects, in this example, are
  1. general: to teach a song (see teach song-lyrics) and
  2. for piano beginners: simple keyboard harmony (for G major).
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student folder
introduction for students
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lyrics and translations: 1st stanza
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with german original text
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teacher folder
general notes
general notes
general material
lyrics: material#lyrics german prototype by Mohr (1816), english paraphrase by Young.
lyrics stanza 1, ger. pronuncitation, eng, glossary
piano teacher sources
teach piano beginners (grade 2)

katerina sarri, athens, 24 DEC 2007.