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Kostis Palamas
(1859‑1943) 84 a.v.
greek poet Kωστής Παλαμάς

gre.scr.mono: Kωστής Παλαμάς.
gre.scr.poly: Kωστῆς Παλαμᾶς.
translit: Costis, Kostis. Palamas.
Given name: Costis is short for Constantine.
name pronunc.
gre: [koˈsits palaˈmas]

GREEK, demotic.
greek GREECE
(1859‑1943) 84 annos vixit
birth: 1859, Messolongi, central Greece.
death: 1943, Athens, Greece. During Nazi occupation.
selected works
(complete works)
Παλαμάς, Κωστής. Άπαντα. Αθήνα: Γκοβόστης, n.d. lang:gre. script:polytonic. Sixteen (16) volumes.
gre.pronunc: [palaˈmas koˈstis] [ˈapanda] [aθˈina] [goˈvostis]
eng: Palamas, Kostis. Complete Works. Athens: Govostis, n.d.
Poems and texts in 16 volumes. The edition is in the multiaccented stress system, as all greek was written until 1982. This publication was edited and authorized by the 'Palamas Institute'. The seal on my own copy is marked: 1960 and bears the autograph signature of Yiorgos K. Katsimbalis (1899‑1978) who was responsible for this project.
available poems
Olympic Hymn gre. original, i.p.a. pronunciation, translation in english.
in two words
Costis Palamas. Greek poet. Prolific. His poems and his literary criticism were written in standard modern greek. At the time, this was crucial for the consolidation of modern greek against the official 'purist', archaic katharevoussa language of the conservatives. His funeral during the german occupation became a huge protest against the Nazis. Known for his poerm Olympic Hymn.
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The poet Kostis Palamas
photographer: Nelly's
Athens, Greece, photo taken in 1936
.Benaki Museum Archive (2005)

'The Poets' (c.1919) Painting by Georgios Roilos (1867-1928) oil on canvas, 130x179cm. Philological Institute 'Parnassos', Athens, Greece.
Poets of the '1880 generation' of greek literature. In the middle, Palamas leaning on his hand.
source Image@greekWikipedia.

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