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Mostly, theological texts, historiography, chronicles, law texts, mémoires.
At BYZANTINE HISTORY, all the FHW sites give excellent presentation of byzantine culture.
Category: byzantine writers @wikipedia
Medieval Greek Literature extensive by M Lachanas
Suda On Line (SOL) by stoa org
Byzantine Literature Concise Links CANADA
Byzantine studies by Paul Halsall at Fordham U. USA
Byzantium Sourcebook by Paul Halsall, Fordham, USA
Internet Islamic History Sourcebook Paul Halsall USA
Medieval Sourcebook Introduction
Byzantine.html by Dumbarton Oaks Research Library, USA
History of Romiosini in the Middle Times by Provatas & Papdimas GREECE
ΠPOKOΠIOΣ (Procopius): The Secret History (on the Justinianian era)
Full text in english translation at Paul Halsall's Sourcebooks. A libellus by Procopius about Justinianus and his wife Theodora, the Nika revolt, etc...
MIXAHΛ ΨEΛΛOΣ (Michael Psellos): XPONOΓPAΦIA Chronographia (on years: 976-1078)
Full text in english translation, at Paul Halsall's Sourcebooks. Psellos is a major personality in the political and cultural life of his times.
ANNA KOMNHNH (Anna Comnena):AΛEΞIAΣ Alexias (on years: c. 1080-1150)
Anna Comnena The Alexiad (c. 1148 CE) or in this address
Full text in english translation at Paul Halsall's Sourcebooks. Anna was the daughter ot Alexius I (hence, Alexias is the title of her history account).
Anna Comnena (Anna Komnini) Women in World History Curriculum
Anna Comnena (Anna Komnini) 1083-1156 by OtherWomenVoices
non greek historians, on Byzantium
Geoffrey de Villehardouin: Mémoires: on 4th Crusade, Fall of Constantinople and other events.
Full text in english translation, at Paul Halsall's History Sourcebooks. The text of Villehardouin is long, you may read the subtitles to just take a glimpse on the 1204 events at Constantinople and various greek cities caputred by the westerners.
Chinese accounts of Rome, Byzantium and the Middle East
Collected in Paul Halsall's Sourcebooks, accounts for the period c. 91 a.e.v. - 1643 e.v.
Ibn Khaldun on the Web by Tim Spalding USA
An embassy from Baghdad to emperor Basil II at Constantinople 10th century
Full text in english translation, at Paul Halsall's Sourcebooks.
sources on Constantinople
SOZOMEN (d.c.450 e.v.): Constantine founds Constantinople, 324 CE
Text in english translation at Paul Halsall's Sourcebooks.
IBN BATTUTA Travel mémoires of 1325-1354
Full text in english translation at Paul Halsall's Sourcebooks. Including a chapter on Uzbeg Khan, sultan of Turks and his wife, a byzantine princess. The author accompanies her at Constantinople and meets the emperor, goes to Hagia Sophia and tours the city.
Eulogy of Istanbul by Nabi Efendi text translated in english
byzantine poetry (hymns)
Hagiography Database - Dumbarton Oaks Texts in a transcribed alphabet.
PΩMANOΣ MEΛΩΔOΣ [roma`nos   melo`δos] Romanos Melodos 6th century
Romanus the Singer @wikipedia
KAΣΣIANH [kasia`ni] Cassiane c.810-867
Kassiane @wikipedia
Kassiani by Her music too.
Kassiane: poetess c. 810-867 by OtherWomenVoices
late byzantine times
12th century folksong: the epic cycle about ΔIΓENHΣ AKPITAΣ [δije`nis   a`kritas] - Digenis Akritas, and the byzantine boarder soldiers. Di-genis means bi-genus, referring to his double parentage: greek and arabic.
Digenis Acritas @wikipedia
Digenis Akritas: Introduction, presentation, outline by Timothy E. Gregory
Acritic songs @wikipedia