I include links mainly on the six official languages of the United Nations and the classic languages. For any information you need on Greek language, dictionaries etc. please check my GREEK LANGUAGE PAGE.
Before opening any Dictionary, you need to know HOW pronunciation is transliterated. For the standardized International Phonetic Alphabet Symbols that represent all sounds of human speech, A Sound Reference to the IPA by Kristian Skarbe at NTNU, NORWAY (see my pronunciation-phonetics).
Human language history
Historical linguistics, topics by wikipedia
Language resources
Humbul Intute Arts and Humanities GB
Sites reviewed by experts.
ClayGate Dewey Decimal Classification DDC 400s Languages
The Languages of the World by Computers & the Internet JAPAN
Overviews on short history of many languages.
Yamada Language Center, University of Oregon USA
Fonts in here! language guides.
Lingu@NET a virtual language centre GB
Centre for Applied Linguistics USA
SIL Summer Linguistics Institute
Resources, bibliography search.
Ethnologue Areas of Languages (maps also) by SIL
Human-Languages Page a.k.a. I lovelanguages.
SOAS The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
Asian Studies WWW VL
Southeast Asian Languages and Cultures Illinois University USA
Rare Languages at UCLA Language Materials Project
Language Links by
Learning languages
BBC Languages
Non-profit educational organization, headquarters in Iowa, USA, transmitting TV programmes via satellite. PDF Texts and REAL sound of radio news. Not for beginners.
Language Learning Resources on the Internet by SIL.
Phrases in many languages
Simple phrases Jennifer's language page
ALL languages by Jennifer Runner.
Numbers in Over 4000 Languages by Mark Rosenfelder
Transparent Language - Choose your language
Check Basic-Survival Phrases with SOUND, and language's profile.
Eastern European Languages Basic Phrases by Daniel Austin
Nice concise help on european languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Portuguese.
Special languages
Sgin languages LINKS by
HandSpeak: A Sign Language Dictionary Online
Deafblind Manual Alphabet Page
Sign Language Alphabets from all over the world
SignWriting by Valerie Sutton and the Deaf Action Committee for Sign Writing
Braille History, Use, and Current Research check resources
Multi-language dictionaries
Over 170 Online Dictionaries & free translation tools.
OneLook® Dictionaries
Check its Dictionary-link.
Definitions only, no phonetics many languages.
LINKS to hundreds of dictionaries: • Language Dictionaries - MULTIDictionaries Thorough collection of dictionaries on european languages
Linguistics Phonetics
Linguistic Glossary, mainly syntax, grammar
Linguistic and Grammatical Terms by Zdravko Batzarov at Orbis Latinus
Glossary of toponymic terminology by Naftali Kadmon
Introduction to Linguistics
Personal page by Stu Barton with Links to University Departments. USA University Project
Everything you need on linguistics.
Phonetics and Linguistics, University College London GB
Lexeme Morpheme Base Morphology by Robert Beard Bucknell U.
Linguistic Associations by The Linguist
Introduction à la linguistique française, Greg Lessard, 1996 in french
Phonetics, IPA: International Phonetic Alphabet and links
Fonts for IPA.
Scripts and Alphabets
What is writing? a guide to writing systems by Omniglot
scripts history
L'aventure des écritures, Bibliotèque nationale de France. Excellent presentation (in french).
La page
history of writing @wikipedia
Writing systems by wikipedia
Major alphabets by Prof. Edward Vajda
Writing systems A to Z index by Omniglot
Languages, scripts and ancient scripts too. The information is concise, well chose info. Charts, gifs, sound examples. Omniglot Personal page by computer engineer Lawrence Lo
Evolution of alphabets Alphapage.html Prof. R. Fradkin at Maryland U. USA. Delightful animated gifs.
The Evolution of the Alphabet
Watch it Live from hieroglyphics through Phoenician, greek, mediaeval latin alphabets to today! -- encyclopedia of Western signs and ideograms
Les Médias, mémoire de l'humanité by Marc-Alexis Morelle in french
World alphabets KryssTal: Writing Personal page by Kryss and Tal
Hieroglyphs Egyptian Galleries @ U. of Pennsylvania Museum, USA
Dryer @wikipedia
SignWriting by Valerie Sutton and the Deaf Action Committee for Sign Writing
Alphabravets by Brian Kelk
I always wanted to know: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie... etc. so, here they are.
Morse Code, the Alphabravets, by Stephen Christopher Phillips, GB
font help
There is classic arabic and various idioms and pronunciation patterns. Make sure you find a source on the kind of arabic you wish to learn: classic, aegyptian, etc.
Arabic by wikipedia
Arabic Dictionaries English-Arabic-English Online Dictionary
from to translation definition phonetics in IPA sound examples in phrases grammatical info inflexion quoted in texts etymology illustrations
arabic english twoway yes no no no no no no no no no
With no phonetics, you need to know how to read arabic. Arabic-English-French-German-Turkish Online Dictionary
from-toArabic-English twoway | Arabic-French-twoway | Arabic-German twoway | Arabic-Turkish twoway
mediumwebpage in .htm charset=windows-1256
translationyes definitionyes
phonetics in IPAno sound examplesno
grammatical infoyes inflectionno
examples in phrasesno quoted in textsno
etymologyno related wordsclickable
commentsWith no phonetics, you need to know how to read arabic.
English-Arabic Glossary
Short glossary. Phonetics are transliterated vaguely.
Ajeeb Gateway
Arabic language lessons and phrases
Transparent Language - Arabic Phrases, Overview, Sound
Arabic script by Omniglot
Arabic alphabet with illustrations Apprendre l'arabe avec Majid, pour les enfants
In french, for children and beginners.
WEB ARABIC Apprendre French to Arabic.
Lots of Lessons. You can view the script in gifs and listen to sound examples.
Free online lessons by Norwegian Tore Kjeilen and Egyptian Sherif Hassan.
LINKS on lessons etc.
Links Near East Language Centre_Resources, Washington USA
Arabic Fonts
Yamada Language Center Arabic Fonts
Arabic software, lessons, directory and Internet Services. Try the FREE section.
Middle East and arabic links: portals, culture
Arabic literature links
Chinese topics by wikipedia
Chinese language
For a first contact with Pinyin transliteration, and the language (mandarin is the official language of China), please check: Transparent Language the Overview Section, and the basic phrases (sound, transliteration, chinese script)
Chinese by Omniglot
Mandarin (standard chinese language) by wikipedia
Chinese (The Languages of the World by Computers and the Internet, JAPAN)
On-line Chinese Tools for learning chinese at
Chinese Language Links
China Overview-language!
Yamada Language Center Chinese WWW guide
Chinese Language Links by Jim Becker personal page
Eastern Languages and Literatures Ohio State University USA
SinoTibetan Etymological Dictionary Thesaurus Berkeley USA
Links for Chinese Studies
Chinese dictionaries
English-Chinese Dictionary
Directs to other dictionaries. Chinese characters in gifs. No pronunciation transcription.
Chinese language and characters, literature.
Chinese calligraphy
Chinese Calligraphy
Language as an Art. Written by children.
China: portals, culture
Chinese literature links
English (topics) by wikipedia
English language by wikipedia
English to English Dictionaries
The sounds of English and the International Phonetic Alphabet
WordNet by Princeton U. USA
Princeton Cognitive Science Laboratory Lexical Database.
Go to online Dictionary: ONLINE WordNet
Lexical surroundings of the word: synonyms, hyponyms, hypernyms, familiarity etc.
No phonetics, no etymology. WordNet focuses on the lexical environment of the word.
English Dictionaries Collection by in one page!
MULTISEARCH: HyperDictionary (the Exploding Dictionary)
WordReference - English Definition HARPER-COLLINS Dictionary
Nice browser and print view.
Sound with WAV or AIFF
American Heritage Dictionary
Type word and get multiple results to choose from or go to alphabetical key-entries.
Interesting alphabetical illustration index.
You can hear sound (WAV), but in american accent.
Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus
Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus
Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Parallel search to american, english, etc. dictionaries
Merriam-Webster OnLine
OneLook® Dictionaries
English Special Dictionaries
2 Words Associated by Lexical FreeNet
Acronym and abbreviation list
Heteronyms ///// Antagonyms personal pages
Links to English Dictionaries - English
Dictionaries, Profile of the language, Grammar links.
Links to Special Dictionaries by Category
Braille History, Use, and Current Research
American Sign Language ASL chart of letters
Sign Language American Alphabet Page with ASL description in Text
Sign Language British Two Handed Manual Alphabet for Sighted Deaf People
Deafblind Manual Alphabet Page
Etymology etc.
Pronouncing English Dictionary by Carnegie Mellon U.
Articles on Words by lexicographer Michael Quinion
Etymologically Speaking...
Latin elements in english words Lesson 1, Latin elements 2, Latin elements 3 university courses
Greek elements of english words university course
Behind the Name - the Etymology and History of First Names
Baby Names by Category Table Of Contents
Motivational Quotes
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations, 9th edition
The Quotations Page
More on English...
English as 2nd Language
BBC Learning Subject Listing English Language Websites
Transparent Language - English for spanish speakers
English (The Languages of the World by Computer, JAPAN)
Varieties of English by Language Samples Project
IDEA - International Dialects of English Archive
Lessons English ELC Website Home Page
IPA transcription systems for English by J. C. Wells
Old English by Prof Fajardo
Writing and english script history by Michael Crafton USA
HEL Website
History of the English Language.
Language KryssTal
Personal page of KrYss and Tal on languages in general.
English Language KryssTal
Personal excellent page on english, british language: History, borrowed words etc.
Links on Etymology and History of the English Language
Links: Learning Teaching Resources Volterre-France
French and English links that cover many subjects.
Walk Through Time - BBC Education: History of Britain Common Era - Age 7-9, GB
english literature links
French (topics) by wikipedia
French language by wikipedia
humbul intute Russian annotated links
French dictionaries
French Dictionaries Collection by
Dictionnaire de l'Académie française, huitième édition
French to french definitions. By Académie Francaise Dictionaries
English-French-English Dictionary
With pop-up window.
English-French-English Dictionary
You have to place the accents.
Links to Special french Dictionaries by Bob!! personal page
Links for french dictionaries - Romance Languages
Freelang.comDictionnaire multilingue
Etymology Links for french language
Dictionaries and language links
French Grammar, Lessons, Exercises
Transparent Language - French Overview, Basic phrases Sound
Lessons Grimoire U. Toronto Courses, CANADA
Lessons French Course Pages by J. Leon personal page
French Grammar and lessons from Texas U. USA
Links to French Lessons
Introduction à la linguistique française, Greg Lessard, 1996 in french
French (The Languages of the World by Computers and the Internet, JAPAN)
PREMIERS PAS SUR INTERNET by For children, in french.
France: portals, culture
french literature links
Russian (topics) by wikipedia
Russian language by wikipedia
humbul intute Russian annotated links
Russian (The Languages of the World by Computers and the Internet, JAPAN)
Russian dictionaries
English-Russian-English Dictionary Online But no phonetics.
Links to Dictionaries • Slavic Languages
Sign Language Alphabet Russian
Russian phrases
Transparent Language - Russian Overview, Basic phrases, Sound
Russia: portals, culture
Russian literature links
Spanish (topics) by wikipedia
Spanish language by wikipedia
Spanish dictionaries
Spanish dictionaries Collection by translatum gr
English-Spanish-English Online Dictionary
English-Spanish-English Online Dictionary
Sign Language Alphabet Spanish
Links to Spanish Dictionaries - Romance Languages
Spanish phrases
Transparent Language - Spanish Overview, Basic phrases, Sound
Spanish (The Languages of the World by Computer, JAPAN)
Humbul intute Language-Literature -- Hispanic, GB
LSU Libraries - Spanish Webliography - Spanish Sources on the Internet, USA
spanish literature links
Links Spanish Spain by Becker personal page
Classic Languages (indoeuropean)
Indoeuropean (topics) by wikipedia
Indo-European languages by wikipedia
Proto-Indo-European_language at wikipedia
IndoEuropean Introduction by Piotr Gasiorowski
Indian Languages Portal by
Iranian Languages & Scripts Persian
Sanskrit by wikipedia
A.Richard Diebold Centre for Indoeuropean Languages at
Sanskrit lessons at
Sankrit writing at Omniglot
Links • Sanskrit and Indo-Iranian Languages
Ancient Greek
Greek (topics) by wikipedia
Greek Elements in english words university course
links: humanities and classical studies
Latin by wikipedia
Latin dictionaries
English-Latin Word Search Perseus
Latin-English Perseus
Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid by Kevin Cawley
Naming a new procaryotic taxon in Latin
Latin Elements in english words Lesson 1
Latin Elements 2
Latin Elements 3 university courses
Links on Latin - Romance Languages
Perseus Digital Library, Tufts University USA
Why study Latin? Lessons Phonetics Metric etc. by William Harris
Latin and Greek Authors on the Web by Herman Lauvys BELGIUM
Evolution of Latin Characters by Prof. Fradkin
Humbul intute Classics annotated links GB
Library of Congress Greek and Latin Classics Internet Resources
Latin 1003 Elementary Latin I University of Arkansas Professor Daniel B. Levine
Welcome to Super Latin. Latin 3063 Summer, 2004. University of Arkansas. Professor Daniel B. Levine
How to read latin poetry by William Harris
Learn greek and latin
Listen to lation (real audio) by the Society of the oral reading SORGIL
resources for latin studies
links: humanities and classical studies
Latin and Greek Authors on the Web by Herman Lauvys BELGIUM
Boethius b.480 C.E. in Rome: A Metrical introduction (for prosody in poetry)
How to read latin poetry by William Harris
Link collections
Links Greek and Latin Language Resources
Greek and Latin Links
Bibliography on ancient novels

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