page in greek ελληνικά
I.P.A. = International Phonetic Alphabet
1. at a glance
2. concise
3. in detail
I write phonetics (pronunciation) in brackets with the symbols of International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) (fonts used: Arial Unicode MS).
[mɑɪ ˈneɪm ɪz kateˈrina saˈri]
...a proposed system of transliteration of ipa for greek language for computer use.
...more about pronunciation and phonetics.
gre. = greek modern and ancient
mod.gre. = modern greek
anc.gre. = ancient greek
pronunc. = pronunciation
scr. = script
gre.scr.mono. = greek script monotonic. Supported from personal computers. Official script in Greece since 1982.
gre.scr.poly. = greek script polytonic (was in use before 1982, and used more than one stress and other diatrics accents). Only philologists need this script.
...more abbreviations

katerina sarri, athens, october 2007